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Bob has a great combination of skills that serve him well as a facilitator -- organization, versatility, technical savvy, tact, firmness, insight, perseverance, patience, plus a well-rounded background and set of experiences.
Associate Executive Director, ISA - The International Society for Measurement & Control


Our most requested long-format seminar, this learning experience has been refined over three decades of delivery to management, governance, and high potential young leaders in manufacturing, agriculture, food processing, retailing, telecommunications, government, and elected officials. Bob has presented this experience in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. This seminar is customized to the particular situation for the client but typically includes:

  • On topic. Bob is firm but tactful in guiding the group back to the task and outcomes desired.
  • Provocateur. One overlooked role of facilitator is guidance by question. Bob is practiced at the art of the thoughtful question to gain insight.
  • Promptness. Bob stays on task. Strategy time is golden and should not be squandered.
  • Repertoire. 33 years of experience creates a toolbox that Bob reaches into for just the right process, exercise, or intervention to move forward.


You won't have an unknown factor heading your meeting. Bob interviews, shares viewpoints, and understands the group dynamics entering any strategy project. He sinks the time into preparation so he's up to speed when the process heads off in unforeseen ways. This is one of the reasons we prefer to have interviews with the participants if possible.