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Morning Brew

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This is now my go-to recommendation for a top news source for those building a scanning system. Free! Access here. This is a well-thought-out source that arrives in your e-mail box daily including Saturday. A great market dashboard follows the quick summary with directional arrows. Six market readings. Typically you'l see six categories of entries, each with some headings and well-edited content. There's a short, non-obtrusive sponsor entry mixed in. The "What Else is Brewing" heading has 4-8 linked entries typically pointing to companies or other organizations where there's news. There's a quiz and some other headlines embedded toward the bottom. Pressed for time? Skip all that stuff and just scan the dashboard and the top-level headings. Follow any links that pique your curiosity and you've done your bit to stay better informed. We still love Quartz for a good global news summary but Brew gets rave reviews from those we refer to it. Full disclosure - the link above is mine. I don't get any monetary compensation but the occasional coffee cup if you use it.

The Wirecutter

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I started following this site before it was shrewdly acquired by the New York Times. (See my blog on "Is There Life After Print" for a take on their strategy.) You get recommendations on the best products in any category. Subject matter experts write the reviews and recommendations. You'll see a top recommendation, an upscale option, a cheap option. Supporting documentation follows. Reviews are updated regularly. The categories are endless. Try stumping the search engine with a product category. Personally I've used The Wirecutter for advising me on purchases ranging from water bottles to Bluetooth headsets (their cheap option choice was perfect!) to bicycles, shower curtains, fans, mechanical pencil, and tablet. I get absolutely nothing for sending you their way except knowing I did you a favor. You're welcome.

Kindle Paperwhite

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Not that Amazon needs any more business but… I get a bunch of questions about what I use to read. As long as there are no detailed graphics I've got to see this is my hands-down choice. The Kindle Paperwhite has the best look and feel of the e-readers. Check the prior item on this list. The Wirecutter rates it the top choice. I've been using one since 2012. Just log into Amazon (I know you've got an account) and pick one up.

Revisionist History Podcast

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Walking is the best therapy and exercise I engage in daily. It's also a great opportunity to engage in some learning and thought. Malcolm Gladwell's opinions aren't mine but I always appreciate his perspective and approach. I've enjoyed his immensely readable prose but I find his Canadian lilt equally as listenable. There are a lot of seasons here to catch up on if this is new for you. Since the majority of his material is literally "historic" there's not a time crunch. It'll still be there the next time you want an engaging listen on a commute or workout. Enjoy!


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I've been on the faculty of the Institute for Management Studies for over two decades. Subject matter experts and university professors mainly. We teach full day courses. Mine is on anticipatory habits, foresight, and strategic thinking. The brilliant Jon Peters slipped over from his position as President of IMS to found this cutting-edge learning company. They field the most comprehensive, easily-accessed library of how-to short videos on a range of topic. Their term is "microlearning." These are curated lessons from experts that lead to direct action. You get top-level expertise for "just in time" learning at your organization. I'm proud to be a participant.
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