Bob Treadway
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Bob Treadway

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Bob Treadway is a globally-praised consulting futurist, strategy advisor, and leadership educator. For the past 33 years he’s helped organizations and leaders look ahead, plan flexibly, and take action on the future. Clients like Gillette, Berkshire Hathaway, ExxonMobil, Syngenta, Motorola, Hilton, US Gypsum, the Federal Reserve, Dow, AT&T, the National League of Cities, and the Social Security Administration use his services to help understand uncertainty, anticipate coming events, make better decisions, and develop robust strategic plans.

Bob is an accomplished conference speaker with over a thousand presentations on the future and how to prepare for it. As a keynote speaker he's engaged audiences on four continents and 15 nations. His forecasting covers the next 2 to 20 years of the evolution of the economy, competition, technology adoption, and specialized factors in dozens of industries.

Most of his practice involves executive sessions with directors and top management in think tank, brainstorming, decision-making, and future visioning projects. Treadway has advised groups as diverse as United States trade negotiators on global emerging issues, telecommunications think tanks on the future of ultra-high speed internet usage, financial examiners on how to evaluate strategy at banking institutions, wealthy families looking for successful investments over a 20 year timeframe, US and Canadian government agencies grappling with unanticipated voter-driven change, agricultural producers on the potential of a bio-economy, as well as multi-national corporation boards and senior management developing strategies to deal with volatile markets and competitive environments.