Madonna Treadway
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Madonna Treadway

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Madonna Treadway is CEO of Treadway & Associates and the award-winning author of "Six Healing Questions: A Gentle Path to Facing Childhood Loss of a Parent." Her new book "Grief Hack: A Creative Process for Coping with Loss" will be out soon. She also manages the finances and contracting for Treadway & Associates, Inc.

Madonna holds an MBA as well as degrees in English and Education. She taught at the University of Wisconsin. She was an executive in the real estate field and headed operations for one of the country's largest executive relocation firms.

She is originally from rural North Dakota. As the youngest of four children she was deeply impacted by the death of both her parents before she turned eight years old. That event led to the writing of "Six Healing Questions" which won six independent book awards. You can see more about her literary achievements on her author's Facebook page or