What Clients Say
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What Clients Say

Bob, you took the time to really listen to us and to understand our organization and then craft a presentation that truly met our needs and exceeded our expectations.
Paige Beville, COO, Federal Occupational Health
The unique way you adapted the possibilities of tomorrow with the problems and opportunities that face us today caused everyone to leave that meeting with something tangible to apply to their companies. Bob, I have been selecting conference speakers for the last twenty years and I rate you among the best.
President & COO, Scott Fetzer, Division of Berkshire Hathaway
Absolutely vital information as we formed strategy for the Manufacturing and Technical Operations Division of the company. Your work provided a foundation for our development of plans to keep our product ahead of the competition and preserve our market share lead.
SVP Human Resources, Gillette
I’ve used speakers ranging from Naisbitt to Robert Reich and Tom Peters to Bob Hope. I rank you in my top tier of great speakers and at the very top in value-for-price
Jim Prusa, Director, Educational Services, Specialty Equipment Market Association
You kicked off a process that led to the development of detailed 5 year workplans. I’m happy to tell you that as of today, the pulse industry is far ahead of the pack in terms of its preparedness. As you can tell – we’re quite excited about the next 5 years. It all started with those first few strategy sessions you put together.
Greg Cherewyk, Executive Director, Pulse Canada
You did a great job of keynoting our morning session and laying out the challenges ahead for our audience in the new millennium. The reviews from our 700+ economic developers in attendance are excellent. Thanks so much for a super job last week.
President, Iowa Utility Association
Thank you again for being a dynamic part of our Leadership program. As in the past, your part of the meeting was outstanding.
Rick Tolman, CEO, National Corn Growers Association
Regarding Bob's presentation, I don't know where to begin. I wish that I were as eloquent as others must be in their feedback, but suffice it to say that his remarks were universally applicable, and universally received with such impact that every survey received ranked Bob's presentation among the top two most useful for them. This is particularly significant since many of the other presenters gave very specialized, very applicable material to defined audience segments. It guaranteed the Conference success in the first 60 minutes.
Director, Caribbean, American Soyean Association
Bob has a great combination of skills that serve him well as a facilitator -- organization, versatility, technical savvy, tact, firmness, insight, perseverance, patience, plus a well-rounded background and set of experiences.
Associate Executive Director, ISA - The International Society for Measurement & Control
Clear. Concise. Credible. Excellent. Thought provoking. Exactly what we needed!
Coordinator, World Wide Sales Division, Eastman Chemical Company