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What We Like & Recommend

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Morning Brew

Morning Brew is now my go-to recommendation for a top news source for those building a scanning system. Free! Access here. This is a well-thought-out source that arrives in your e-mail box daily including Saturday. A great market dashboard follows the quick summary with directional arrows. Six market readings. Typically you'l see six categories of entries, each with some headings and well-edited content. There's a short, non-obtrusive sponsor entry mixed in. The "What Else is Brewing" heading has 4-8 linked entries typically pointing to companies or other organizations where there's news. There's a quiz and some other headlines embedded toward the bottom. Pressed for time? Skip all that stuff and just scan the dashboard and the top-level headings. Follow any links that pique your curiosity and you've done your bit to stay better informed. We still love Quartz for a good global news summary but Brew gets rave reviews from those we refer to it. Full disclosure - the link is mine. I don't get any monetary compensation but the occasional coffee cup if you use it.
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