Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Over the past decade Bob has been asked to develop leadership development programs in a wide range of fields. He brings a unique, future-focused approach to the content, design, take-away value, and learning experience of the sessions. Leaders leave his sessions with better anticipatory skills, enhanced strategic thinking ability, and team-oriented hands-on techniques to achieve the same with the entire organization. Here is a brief outline of a typical session.

How Anticipation and Foresight Build Effectiveness, Value, & Presence

  • We’ll look at visionary, future-oriented leader examples you’ve not seen before. Their attributes and, most importantly, their tactics present compelling examples for your leadership style.
  • What top management and followers want from a leader.

Seeing the Big Picture
  • A key insight to better understand the future that you can begin using immediately in many areas of responsibility.
  • The foresight model that’s a best practice in times of uncertainty.
  • Three key principles of anticipation, forecasting, and group dynamics.

Building Your Foresight Technique
  • How to develop a filtration mechanism that helps you see key signals.
  • Practice in developing a wide-ranging and forward-looking scan of the environment ahead.
  • How to develop a key analytical technique you’ll apply again and again in group situations, robust decision-making, and comparison of alternative paths ahead.

Staying Even Better Informed
  • Executive scanning that immediately broadens your view without adding time to your day.
  • Three techniques for staying ahead in less than 15 minutes a day.
  • Kickers, niches, tips, tricks, and timesavers.

Seeing Around Corners
  • Top level management examples.
  • 5 “Round the Corner” techniques to be applied in your organization.
  • Pragmatic examples from 15 years of course attendees.

Slowing Down for Better Decision-making
  • What to do when you don’t have all the information (…and you never do.)
  • The case for contemplation.
  • “The 48-hour Cool-Off” - a real-life case study with high learning value.

Achieving Seemingly Unattainable Long Term Goals
  • A foresight-oriented approach with historic precedent.
  • Reverse-engineering the process.
  • Guided development of your organizations path to the future.

Industries & Fields
Bob’s leadership development work has been used in the following areas:
  • Fortune 500 managers attending sessions for the Institute for Management Studies
  • University deans, department heads, and faculty for the Food System Leadership Institute
  • Leaders of state commodity groups nominated for attendance at Syngenta’s Leadership At Its Best - a 25-year relationship
  • Governance of energy, telecommunications, grain, ag retail, and financial cooperatives
  • Canadian government officials overseeing agencies in land management, food systems, and agriculture
  • Library executives in six different state systems
  • Telecommunication executives in a range of companies and cooperatives