Keynote Speeches

20/20 Foresight
Bob's most requested presentation! Highly customized forecast of the future of your field, industry, profession, market, community, agency, corporation, or organization in the next 2-20 years. Specifically tailored to corporations, government organizations, regions/locales, markets, or trade associations. Can be delivered in formats ranging from 45 minutes to a full day. See the sidebar at right for comments about the value of this presentation. This is not only a forecast of your situation. It outlines a prescription for how to think about and act on what’s ahead. This presentation often kicks off strategic planning sessions as an executive-level briefing that identifies key forces, factors, trends, and potential events that will deeply affect the direction of an organization.

Over the Horizon: A Look Into the Economic Future
This presentation focuses on the near term future directly related to the economy while showing long-term payoffs of smart strategies in uncertainty and eventual recovery. Get a clear picture of the economic probabilities, develop your own key metrics and indicators for forecasting, avoid the worst aspects, and take advantage of the best opportunities in a recovering economy. This presentation makes up much of the content when Bob is requested to deliver an economic forecast along with customized information keyed to the client’s needs. Many clients use this presentation annually as a precursor to strategic deliberations, as an industry forecast (construction, real estate, financial services, information technology, food production and processing, manufacturing are all regular users).

Vigilant Leadership: Critical Skills You Need For Uncertainty, Volatility, and Change
The president of the world's leading educator of Fortune 500 managers suggested that Bob develop this presentation that helps managers unlock the potential of anticipation. The foundation of foresight, anticipatory habits, and implication analysis enables key players in organizations to take robust action for the future. This is a pragmatic, hands-on presentation that typically includes interactive sections. Participants take away tasks and tools that enhance their value to the organization as foresight practitioners and analysts. Bob has a 19-year tenure as faculty with the Institute for Management Studies and regularly delivers this same material in leadership development programs for member-governed organizations, agriculture, municipal governance, and financial services.

What Won't Change: Seven Principles You Can Count On for the Next Decade
Bob explains seven areas of your business, organization, or marketplace that will continue to be prime strategic touchpoints in the years ahead. Much will change in the next decade, but these critical factors can help you keep an edge on the competition, plan with more confidence, and place a firm foundation under your enterprise in changing times.

How to Spot, Track and Profit from Trends
A detailed system for predicting the future, planning for its evolution and anticipating unexpected developments. Gives participants the tools to scan, focus and analyze what's ahead. Specific trends, predictions and scenarios are customized for each client.