What We're Reading Now or Recently

All of the following are available at our special bookshelf for What We’re Reading Now at Powell’s Books - the incomparable physical and web-based bookstore here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Head to this link to visit.

Either we're reading it now, it's on the stack to read, or we've finished it recently. These are not always the newest pieces or even all business books but it gives you an idea of what's in the works. My research indicates that most business executives today read fewer than three books a year. Total. Break that habit. Turn off the screen and get back to some old fashioned contemplation and quiet time. You'll be amazed at the insights - and the entertainment.

Recently passing through our reading stack:

SuperFreakonomics: Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes, and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance - Levitt and Dubner
The economist and the writer push out another one. Sure to be thought provoking.

Chokecherry Places - Merrill Gilfillan
Not to be consumed but to be savored. A sentence at a time. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the rural areas of our country lately and this is my favorite essayist. Prose that reads like poetry with lasting images.

Legends - Robert Littell
I consume a lot of pulp fiction with my travel schedule. Plus it’s my nighttime sleep inducer. But Littell is smart vs. sensational. I’m still loyal to Connelly, Lee Child, and Barry Eisler but this material reminds me of looking forward to the next Le Carre.

Stuart: A Life Backwards - Alexander Masters
Drilling into a life can tell us much about our society. British.

These and many more are posted on the bookshelf. Please visit and patronize Powell’s.