Recommended Reading

We recently changed our affiliation for book sales to a most-admired provider. It’s an unusual survivor as a real bookstore and a landmark here in our Pacific Northwest homeland. It’s Powell’s Books, a Portland institution that deserves not only to survive but thrive. You’ll find they are competent, friendly and prompt. If you’re ever in Oregon it’s worth the pilgrimage to their store that literally occupies a city block in Portland.
We’ve created “bookshelves” on the Powell’s site. They allow you to browse, purchase if you want, and return here to Trendtalk. Happy reading!

  • Classics on the future. Thought leaders and seminal works. As we put it in the Association of Professional Futurists: Most Important Future Works
  • What’s New or Noteworthy. These are not always books about future methods but pieces that provoke thought, trigger implication thinking, or have some bearing on a future we’ve not yet experienced.
  • What We’re Reading Now. Just that. I’ll try to keep you up to speed on not just my reading on the future but a fairly broad, eclectic reading regimen.
  • Fiction for the Future. Why not be entertained? Here’s some reading to carry with you or set on the nightstand to provoke thought about what’s coming.
  • Background, Support, Of Interest. Not specifically about the future but broadening reading. All well-written. History, philosophy, compelling ideas.