While our website emphasizes speaking, Bob is a consulting futurist who acts as a trusted advisor to numerous organizations. Our past experience as a strategy advisor is the foundation and origin of the work we do today. When Bob works as a futurist speaker his content, examples, case studies, and advice is based here on the many engagements, strategy assignments, and decision-making settings where he’s collaborated with extraordinary clients in a wide range of fields.

Bob moved into management consulting after over 20 years in the media field. That management consulting work covered a range of organization needs from customer service training to sales training to organizational development to strategic planning. It was the strategic planning work that led to his work as a futurist. His advice to forecast and understand the operational environment for which they were planning challenged many of his clients. They asked him to collaborate on, advise, and in many cases even perform the “environmental scan” that is an important component of strategy development.

At client request he put his forecasting work on the menu of services and with a year it was the majority of his work. Another year later it was almost all he was doing.

When the market placed the label “futurist” on his work and speakers bureaus began to book him frequently for keynote speeches he continued to consult with clients on foresight, flexible strategy development, building scenarios, forecasting challenges, and building robust plans. Today that work extends to a range of services that may interest you in this section of our website.