Do your needs match up with Futurist Speaker Bob Treadway?

What Are You Looking For?

If the following points are on your expectations list, then Bob is right for you:
  • A thought-provoking and mind-changing presentation by a futurist speaker to alert your audience to how they need to change approach, behavior, strategy, and skills in the future.
  • A blend of anecdotal, entertaining illustrations along with high levels of useful information from a polished presenter.
  • A keynote speaker who typically opens or closes a meeting.
  • An enlightening, thought-provoking presentation that is tailored specifically to your own industry, field, organization, and future situation.
  • A good choice for a users group conference, trade association meeting, strategic planning kickoff or any situation where there is a broad cross-section of companies or individuals represented.
  • A presenter who can deliver a keynote presentation and also give high value in a breakout session to emphasize how-to skills and interact with the group.
  • A presenter who is asked to open a conference, attend and sum up the meeting, and deliver a closing, action-oriented, future-specific address.

If you're looking for the following, then Bob is
probably NOT right for you:

  • A futurist presentation full of off-the-wall predictions.
  • A presentation that focuses only on technology in the future, absent perspective, cross-cutting forces, addressing how it impacts humans and enterprises.
  • A mind-numbing set of charts relating to obscure economic data.
  • An amusing, light, after-dinner presentation.
  • A presenter for a spouse or partner session.
  • A rousing, rah-rah, motivational rally speaker for your team or organization.

Bob's presentations are high in content. Typically, there is a great deal of information packed into your timeframe for his presentation. The best place for his presentation is usually a morning time slot in the early portion of your conference or meeting.

There are no restrictions on audience size for Bob. He's worked in strategic planning sessions with less than 10 participants and large meetings with over 5,000 audience members. You'll find him most comfortable in situations with good audio-visual support, access to the audience, and engaged people.