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Project Lineup

The work continues. Several projects on the desk now:
  • Development of an extended learning experience for management and board chairs in the agriculture commodity field. This is a highly interesting and complex field with not only market drivers but a number of practical infrastructure and management decisions. The umbrella organization is a long term client but they’ve recently become more active.
  • I’m working on outlines for recording a number of video segments for AthenaOnline. I’ve participated with them since their founding. They provide short learning segments for Fortune 500 clients in international settings. My work focuses on anticipatory habits, forecasting for mid and top management, and how to avoid being surprised by unexpected developments.
  • Two strategy retreats for financial service organizations. Both are being impacted by a shifting regulatory environment, the economic recovery, and changing governance.
  • Regional economic forecasts. One is particularly challenging since it will involve the potential impacts of a wildcard development. (See my recent post on wildcards here.) The Gulf oil spill.
  • I’ve been asked to develop a set of scenarios as a foundation for strategy and contingency planning for a major industry group. The intent is to broaden the scope of forward vision and have alternative plans in place if a number of potential developments shift in their field. This is an extraordinarily fore-sighted approach that I wish would be adopted by more fields.
  • Plus the usual range of conference appearances and hands-on work with clients on implementation of plans.