What Clients Say

What Clients Say...
"Over the years we have had many keynote speakers present their ideas at our conferences. We have always asked that their presentations be relevant to our group of public sector managers and have gone to great pains to explain our organization to them... Unfortunately, until you, not one speaker was able to or cared enough to do this. Bob, you took the time to really listen to us and to understand our organization and then craft a presentation that truly met our needs and exceeded our expectations."

Paige Beville, Chief Operating Officer
Federal Occupational Health

"Fantastic wrapup to the conference. I have heard many positive comments."

Jack Eberspacher, President & CEO
Agricultural Retailers Association

“In my 14 years as CUES CEO I would place you in the top two of the professional speakers we have hired. This is a compliment I don’t hand out readily.”

Fred Johnson, CEO
Credit Union Executive Society

“You did a wonderful job as usual. I always enjoy your presentations. They are very thought provoking and you have a wonderful style in the way you lay things out.”

Rick Tolman, CEO
National Corn Growers Association

"Thank you very much for your motivating, educational, and thought provoking keynote address, "The Art of Anticipating Trends." The presentation was absolutely a Gold Medal Performance!"

Kip Eads, Education Manager
International Association of Exhibition Management

"Thank you for the outstanding session you conducted for our Division Presidents. The unique way you adapted the possibilities of tomorrow with the problems and opportunities that face us today caused everyone to leave that meeting with something tangible to apply to their companies. Bob, I have been selecting conference speakers for the last twenty years and I rate you among the best."

President & COO
Scott Fetzer (division of Berkshire Hathaway)

"Thank you for the time you committed to the conference. We really enjoyed your vision and the introduction to forecasting. We look forward to working with you at our annual gathering of cooperative directors and managers.”

Manager, Grain Marketing Division

"You are excellent! I would be honored to provide a recommendation for you to anyone."

Joseph Gagliardi, President
Folsom Economic Development Corporation

"It was indeed a pleasure to meet you and work with you. As you can imagine, the evaluations and comments, showed that your presentation was outstanding! It was really excellent and I have received numerous requests for more information on you. (Do we get a volume discount on Treadway bookings??)"

Kay Strong, Director, Education & Meeting Planning
Delta Dental

"I’ve used speakers ranging from Naisbitt to Robert Reich and Tom Peters to Bob Hope. I rank you in my top tier of great speakers and at the very top in value-for-price."

Jim Prusa, Director, Educational Services
Specialty Equipment Market Association

“Absolutely vital information as we formed strategy for the Manufacturing and Technical Operations Division of the company. Your work provided a foundation for our development of plans to keep our product ahead of the competition and preserve our market share lead.”

Jim Noone, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

"Thanks so much for your inspiration, insight, and counsel during NRTC's InfoComm. Your opening set a great tone and your summary put a beautiful bow on a great package."

Jeff Almen, Senior VP,
National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative

"Clear. Concise. Credible. Excellent. Thought provoking. Exactly what we needed!"

V.A. Robbins, Jr.,
Coordinator, Quality Management, Worldwide Sales Division
Eastman Chemical Company

"Thank you for an outstanding address at the recent OHA Joint Educational Summit in Columbus. Your remarks were both sobering and enlightening. You reminded us how important it is to monitor our business and personal surroundings to prepare for a rapidly approaching future. Your remarks about the ever-shortening windows of opportunity were particularly cogent to me."

R. Reed Fraley, Chairman of the Board
OHA - The Association for Hospitals and Health Systems

"Regarding Bob's presentation, I don't know where to begin. I wish that I were as eloquent as others must be in their feedback, but suffice it to say that his remarks were universally applicable, and universally received with such impact that every survey received ranked Bob's presentation among the top two most useful for them. This is particularly significant since many of the other presenters gave very specialized, very applicable material to defined audience segments. It guaranteed the Conference success in the first 60 minutes. It was the obvious talk of all of the industry leaders for the proceeding three days. I had the pleasure to hear Bob last November. However, I found that he had done a tremendous amount of work to tailor his presentation to meet the needs of the audience. That attention to detail did not go unnoticed. Further, his work in masterfully weaving the key points I had requested into the presentation resulted in expanding the minds of these captains of Caribbean industry to actually move in the direction he gave."

Kent Nelson, Director-Caribbean Region
American Soybean Association

"Your presentation, 'The Art of Anticipating Trends,' was extremely well-presented, and provided for some thought-provoking trend projection techniques that can help make the future less of a mystery. Your visual presentation was excellent as well, keeping the interest of the audience and providing visual and audible stimuli for the attendees. I hope to have the opportunity to bring you back for a future conference.”

Mary Connor, Executive Director
Fluid Power Distributors Association

"I have received numerous very positive comments about your presentation. You did a superb job of relating to the audience."

Warren Froelich, Coordinator
National Hard Spring Wheat Conference

“Thank you for your very informative and entertaining session on thriving in uncertain times. You did it again! Our audience loved you. We were delighted to have you back with us for a second year.”

Sarah Canepa Bang, CEO
Financial Service Centers Cooperative

"Your presentation was well received and your delivery was extraordinary. You left no doubt that the industry has many challenges ahead, but encouraged distributors to look into the future as one of new adventures, exciting opportunities and prosperity."

Sheila Douglas, Conference Coordinator
Heart of America Wholesale Beer Distributors Association

“Relevant and stimulating!”

Alicia Seegers Martinelli, Leadership Programs Manager
Association of Washington Cities

"You had the highest energy presentation of any I’ve seen or heard in a long time. If one let their mind wander for even 15 seconds, valuable information was lost or at least an entertaining element was missed."

Cynthia Huheey, Senior V.P.
American Resort Development Association

"It was evident by your presentation that you did your homework and tailored your presentation to meet the needs of the audience. You are a joy to work with and I’m sure we’ll be working together again in the future."

Ken Gordon, External Communications
Syngenta Crop Protection

“Thanks for a terrific presentation.”

Andrew Moore, Executive Director
National Agricultural Aviation Association

"We've received rave reviews...A first class keynote speaker! It was your high quality presentation that made our 62nd Convention and Exposition a success!"

Sue Davidson, VP Marketing & Communication
Ohio Credit Union League and Affiliates

“You kicked off a process that led to the development of detailed 5 year workplans. I’m happy to tell you that as of today, the pulse industry is far ahead of the pack in terms of its preparedness. As you can tell – we’re quite excited about the next 5 years. It all started with those first few strategy sessions you put together. "

Greg Cherewyk, Executive Director
Pulse Canada

"What a terrific job! That pretty much sums up the reaction of our group to your superb presentation. We received numerous comments about your professionalism, wonderful delivery style, sincerity, and enthusiasm."

Paul Hensley, VP Marketing Services
Sunset Life Insurance Company of America

"Your sessions were very highly rated by our attendees with quite positive comments overall as well. I was quite impressed with how you were able to relate to our group. And, it was noted that no one left the room! Your preparation work is much appreciated."

Linda Raynes, President & CEO
Electrical Apparatus Service Association

"You did a great job of keynoting our morning session and laying out the challenges ahead for our audience in the new millennium. The reviews from our 700+ economic developers in attendance are excellent. Thanks so much for a super job last week."

Mark Douglas, President
Iowa Utility Association

“Thank you again for being a dynamic part of our Leadership program. As in the past, your part of the meeting was outstanding."

Brian Stockman, Director of State Relations
National Corn Growers Association

“Your program was very well received by our members and very valuable. We know that this would not have been as strong a conference without your participation.Thank you again."

Greg DeGraaf, Grain Finance Manager

"Bob has a great combination of skills that serve him well as a facilitator -- organization, versatility, technical savvy, tact, firmness, insight, perseverance, patience, plus a well-rounded background and set of experiences."

Fred Gebarowski, Associate Executive Director
ISA - the International Society for Measurement & Control