9 Reasons Clients Hire Bob Treadway

9 Reasons Clients Hire Futurist Bob Treadway . . .

  1. Because his presentations identify opportunities that translate to profits. Clients hire Bob as a futurist speaker because they want to know what’s ahead. They want to be able to take advantage of emerging trends, put profitable strategies in place, and avoid danger. Bob delivers what they want.
  2. Because Bob customizes their presentations. Client after client appreciates the way forecasts, strategy advice, and speech content is crafted to fit specifically to their industry, situation, goals, and audience. Testimonial after testimonial that Bob has received over more than two decades of work as a futurist speaker, forecaster, and strategy consultant mentions this attribute.
  3. Because he rivets audiences. Bob keeps your audience captivated and engaged with memorable stories, dramatic examples, and visual illustrations. No other futurist has the same illustrations or stories or examples.
  4. Because Bob’s forecasts are based on sound research, time-testing, and profound thinking. He presents supported, customized forecasts, implications, and scenarios. He lays the groundwork for future actions, acknowledges and evaluates uncertainties, and cites reasons for his forecasts. He reveals sources, supplies information on how he came to his conclusions, and supports his logic. There is no “fuzziness” here. You get meaningful forecasting and action advice from an internationally known futurist speaker you can rely on.
  5. Because you will bring him back again and again. Over 75% of Bob’s futurist presentations are to repeat clients. If you liked him two years ago he’s a perfect fit for your group again because his information has changed to focus on a new set of developments and evolving environment. Bob’s clients have retained him for 5, 12, and even 17 years running.
  6. Because audiences leave thinking. One recent executive put it perfectly, “He made me reconsider what the future will be like.” Bob is a forecaster, consultant, futurist speaker, and strategy advisor who provokes thought that leads to successful and profitable action.
  7. Because he’s easy to work with. Bob is flexible, organized, prepared, and makes his clients' jobs easier. You don’t work with a prima donna. You work with a 24-year veteran as a futurist who’s recognized that you and your colleagues are the most important people in the room, not him.
  8. Because you can use him in a range of roles and situations. Keynote futurist presentations, futurist seminars with interactivity, meeting moderator, future discussion facilitator, futurist panel participant, strategic planning consultant and facilitator, decision-making facilitator, decision advisor with a futurist perspective. Bob fits all these roles comfortably, ably, and often.
  9. Because your audience will interact with him. Bob’s depth of knowledge as a futurist and ability to think on his feet makes him a perfect presenter for high-level audiences as well as extended question and answer sessions. This is a guy who knows his subject, stands up to questioning, and gives your audience the benefit of his position as a thought leader. He strongly believes that no person calling themselves a futurist in these volatile times deserves to talk and run. He’s not only willing but wants to engage in one-on-one, debate, discussion, and group explanation of what’s ahead.